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MediLine Ltd. is a trading company with multifacated activity in the field of healthy living.

As a successful family-run business, over the last 20 years it has grown into Hungary’s largest and most dynamically developing wholesale and retail store of organic and health products, as well as dietary and nutritional supplements. As a unique trading company in the field, beyond wholesale and retail activities, we also produce, import and distribute health related items. Therefore, most products in our inventory, now reaching nearly 20.000 items, can be purchased at the best price at MediLine.

The continuously growing number of individual customers at our warehouse has inspired us to establish a new store on the Buda side of the city, MediLine Health House (MediLine Egészségház). At this location, those concerned with their health can select from 8.000 products in a place that adheres to the highest standards. A separate health centre on the first floor of the buildingoffers medical, therapeutic, and cosmetic among other services. Our unique organic breakfast drive-in offers a wide selection of fresh, healthy and tasty foods and drinks, including sandwiches, salty and sweet pastries, salads, organic coffee, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, and dairy-free products.


Information for trading partners:

One aspect of our operations is that we import and distribute food-supplements, natural cosmetics, organic and wholefood products, healthcare goods, medical devices, etc. We supply local wholesalers (both pharmaceutical and healthcare ones), drug stores and supermarket chains. Our current import brands are listed under the „Saját termékeink” (our own products) tab in the „Import” sub-menu.

If you are looking for a distributor partner in Hungary please send your export offer to our distribution department at

Another aspect is that we operate the largest cash-and-carry wholesale warehouse of these items in the Eastern European region. The location is open to the public, functioning also as a retail store. Customers suffering from food allergies, vegetarians, or those following a special diet will find a uniquely wide selection at MediLine.

If you wish to shop in our wholesale warehouse as a retailer or a professional buyer from an EU member country, please contact our customer service for invoicing possibilities and VAT information at prior to your purchase. Please note that you can only pay by cash, however, we do accept Euros besides the Hungarian Forint.

Information for individual customers:

Please note that our warehouse at Csizma u. 4. is primarily set up for wholesale activity, therefore, our colleagues cannot assist you in learning detailed information about the products. This service is available at our Buda store at Hűvösvölgyi út 32-34. where a friendly and professional crew is ready to help you find whatever you need. Also be advised that at our warehouse we do not admit children under the age of 10, nor allow bags larger than 20×30 cm. At this location we only accept cash, either Forints or Euros.

Our Buda store, MediLine Health House, is happy to welcome people of all ages with a child friendly environment, where we accept credit cards, cash, Euros and a number of discount membership cards.

We would like to assist you with the meaning of the coloured price labels:

– dark green: certified organic products

– light blue: eco-friendly household cleaning products

– yellow: MediLine’s own import or exclusive distribution products

– sand: gluten free products

– orange: promotional price

– red: extra promotional price advertised in our monthly promotional leaflet

Whether you are an individual customer, a retailer or a professional buyer we look forward to welcoming you in our stores where you will find:

– a uniquely wide selection of health related products

– fair prices

– great daily discounts and product tastings

– friendly staff and a pleasant environment

– easy access to our stores by car and public transportation

– free and safe parking on our lot



1139 Budapest, Csizma u. 4.
239-1828, 06-30-676-7621
H-P: 7.30-17.00, Szo: